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Painted Lady Pavilion Kit (with certificate for 10 caterpillars)
Witness the wonder of the butterfly lifecycle with this child-and-insect friendly habitat. The 2-foot tall, reusable Butterfly Pavilion is the perfect environment for young entomologists to raise butterflies. Lightweight, durable construction makes for easy hanging. See-through mesh with zippered entry allows easy access for care and feeding, and keeps butterflies inside until you set them free.

Includes Pavilion habitat, mail-in certificate for 10 Painted Lady butterfly larvae with special food and complete instructions. PLEASE NOTE: There is an additional $5 shipping fee that you must send in with your certificate. This is a new requirement by the caterpillar supplier and is beyond our control. We will continue to make every effort to keep our kits at the lowest price possible.

6 butterflies are guaranteed to be perfect specimens. Please allow approximately 3 weeks for your larvae to develop into adult butterflies.

Available only in the Continental U.S. and Alaska. Ages 4 & up.

Once you mail in your certificate for caterpillars, please allow 2 weeks to receive them. Butterflies should not be released outdoors unless average daily temperatures are at least 65 degrees. We encourage you to keep the butterflies indoors rather than releasing them. It's a great way for kids to learn about the biology of the entire life cycle!

Price: $ 31.95 Each
Product Code: IL181

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