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Category: Kids Books - Ages Baby-3

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Frog in the Kitchen Sink Board Book $9.95
         to Shopping Basket
Board book with wiggly eyes for even more entertainment! Ages baby-preschool.

Mommy & Me Fold-out Soft Book $7.95
         to Shopping Basket
Soft book folds out to 26".

Ten Little Dinosaurs Board Book $9.95 (Temp. Out-of-Stock)
         to Shopping Basket
A pair of crazy eyeballs built into this boldly illustrated hardbound book jiggle from page to page. Ages baby-preschool.

The Colorful Zoo Fold-out Soft Book $7.95
         to Shopping Basket
Accordian-style soft book opens to 26".

Very Little Library, Eric Carle's Eric Carle $29.99
         to Shopping Basket
The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Lonely Firefly, and The Very Busy Spider in one collection. Ages Baby-3.

Big Bugs!: Giant Creepy Crawly Pop-Ups $10.95
         to Shopping Basket
Rhyming verse, simple guessing games, lift-the-flaps, and bright illustrations enhance this fact-filled introduction to insects and the world in which they live. Ages 3-5.

Dinosaur Stomp! A Monster Pop-Up! $15.95
         to Shopping Basket
A crazy collection of colorful dinosaurs, all on their way to a dinosaur dance are beautifully illustrated in the fun and entertaining dinosaur pop-up book! 14 pages; 9.5" x 8.75". Ages 3-6.

Dinosaurs: A Nature Sticker Stories Book $4.95
         to Shopping Basket
Includes 75 reusable dinosaur stickers. Ages 2-6.

Fluffy, Snuggly, Cuddly Baby Animals $8.99
         to Shopping Basket
With this touch-and-feel book, children can lift the fluffy animals off the pages and play with them!

I'm Just a Bird $7.95
         to Shopping Basket
Big, blue 3-D eyes peek through two die-cut eyeholes on each page to delight the reader and bring the bird to life! Ages baby-3.

I'm Just a Crab $7.95
         to Shopping Basket
Giant 3-D eyes make the crab come to life and will delight children as they read. Ages baby-3.

Shine with The Very Lonely Firefly $4.99 (Temp. Out-of-Stock)
         to Shopping Basket
The very lonely firefly is looking for a family, and kids can help him to find them! Includes reusable stickers. Ages 3-6.

Spiky, Scary, Scaly Dinosaurs $8.99
         to Shopping Basket
With this touch-and-feel book, children can lift the textured dinosaurs off the pages and play with them!

Tails $13.95
         to Shopping Basket
A colorful collection of tails created for those eager toddlers to tug, pat, and even scratch and sniff! Features furry tails, spiny tails, shiny tails, and tails that wag! Ages 2-5.

Tell Time with The Very Busy Spider $8.99
         to Shopping Basket
Kids learning to tell time will love moving the clock hands on this novelty book based on the classic story by Eric Carle. Full color. Board; 18pp. Measures 11 x 7.5 x .8 inches.Ages 3-6.

The Giraffe Who Cock-A-Doodle-Doo'D Pop-up Book $12.95
         to Shopping Basket
Children will delight in imitating the unusual animal sounds found in this gleefully funny pop-up book. Ages 2-6.

The Hiccuping Hippo Pop-up Book $12.95
         to Shopping Basket
With bright, bold pop-ups and a surprise ending, this book is sure to please. 16 pages; 10" x 10". Ages 2 and up.

The Wide-Mouthed Frog Pop-up Book $13.95
         to Shopping Basket
A wide-mouthed frog is interested in what other animals eat--until he meets a creature that eats only wide-mouthed frogs! Beautifully illustrated and wildly amusing frog pop-up book. Ages 2-6.

There Were Ten Bears in a Bed $12.99
         to Shopping Basket
Children will enjoy reading the favorite counting song and watching in delight as the fuzzy bears disappear from the bed each time the page is turned.

Tiny Tyrannosaurus and Her Fierce Teeth $4.95
         to Shopping Basket
Children can snap along with the story of this great dinosaur with the attached animal head that snaps! Ages infant to preschool.

Triceratops Dinosaur Board Book $6.95
         to Shopping Basket
A wonderful combination of book and toy, this sturdy book is shaped like a dinosaur. Ages baby-preschool.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Board Book $6.95
         to Shopping Basket
A wonderful combination of book and toy, this sturdy book is shaped like a dinosaur. Ages baby-preschool.

Portable Pets: Caterpillar $6.95
         to Shopping Basket
Book in shape of a caterpillar, small enough for little hands. Ages 1-5

Portable Pets: Grasshopper $6.95
         to Shopping Basket
Book in shape of a grasshopper, small enough for little hands. Ages 1-5

The Little Dinosaur Activity Book Anna Pomaska $1.50
         to Shopping Basket
40 puzzles, mazes, games involve 26 different prehistoric creatures. For ages baby-preschool

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