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Category: Kids Books - Ages 9-12

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Animal Families, Animal Friends $15.95
         to Shopping Basket
Explore relationships within the animal kingdom. Ages 4-8.

Dinosaur Mad Libs $3.95 (Temp. Out-of-Stock)
         to Shopping Basket
With 20 terrific word games and an irresistible new cover, Dinosaur Mad Libs is back.

Dirty Rotten Bugs $14.95
         to Shopping Basket
This humorous and informative picture book offers cartoon drawings and scientific facts to demonstrate the usefulness and necessity of little creepy-crawlies. Ages 8-11.

Golden Guide to Endangered Animals $6.95
         to Shopping Basket
A valuable resource for nature lovers or anyone concerned with the fate of our animals. Paperback, April 2001, 6 x 4 inches.

Hurricanes Have Eyes but Can't See $7.99
         to Shopping Basket
A photographic exploration into the world of weather. Fun, fast facts and light, informative text with easy-to-follow format. Ages 7-10.

Kingfisher Knowledge Rocks and Fossils $12.95
         to Shopping Basket
Delve into the depths of the earth to explore the makeup of the world's fascinating outer layer. Ages 9-12.

Kingfisher Knowledge Stars & Planets $12.95 (Temp. Out-of-Stock)
         to Shopping Basket
From our solar system neighbors to the mysteries of deep space, this remarkable book explores the planets and stars of our galaxy and beyond. Ages 12 and up.

Our Planet Earth $8.95
         to Shopping Basket
An attractive and informative book, suitable for both home and classroom. Contains vivid color illustrations with simplified but scientifically accurate descriptions. Ages 8-11.

Planets, Moons and Stars $7.95
         to Shopping Basket
This is a perfect first book for a child interested in astronomy, or for a family evening field trip "to the stars." Ages 9-12.

Robotic Bat $17.95
         to Shopping Basket
This unique book includes in-depth information on robots and a build-your-own robot bat, complete with light-up eyes and flapping wings. Ages 8-12.

Rocks, Fossils and Arrowheads $7.95
         to Shopping Basket
Learn how to identify and find the specimens in this book. Detailed illustrations. Ages 7-10.

Smithsonian Bird Watcher $9.99
         to Shopping Basket
Children will really learn to appreciate birds with this wonderful book of over 30 bird-related nature activities. Ages 8-12.

Smithsonian Bug Hunter $9.99
         to Shopping Basket
This wonderful nature activity book comes with over 30 projects dealing with bugs, spiders and even earthworms! Ages 8-12.

Smithsonian Rock and Fossil Hunter $9.99
         to Shopping Basket
Kids will learn amazing facts while exploring the world of rocks and fossils with this great guide to over 30 nature activities. Ages 8-12.

Smithsonian Stargazer $9.99
         to Shopping Basket
Kids will learn amazing facts about stars and planets with this great guide to over 30 activities! Ages 8-12.

Snakes, Salamanders and Lizards $7.95
         to Shopping Basket
This fabulous Take-Along guide combines all the best elements of non-fiction, craft books, picture books, and nature guides. Ages 7-10.

Sticker Fun Facts: Dinosaurs $14.95
         to Shopping Basket
Learn all about dinosaurs while having fun with over 100 reusable stickers! Ages 8-12.

Totally Bugs $16.95
         to Shopping Basket
This cool book comes with over 40 pieces to make 5 different bugs! Ages 8-12.

Totally Reptiles $16.95
         to Shopping Basket
This book is filled with information on lizards, snakes, turtles, crocodiles, and more! Complete with over 30 plastic components to create five reptiles.

Uncover a Frog Book/Model $18.95
         to Shopping Basket
This amazing book has a built-in frog model that lets kids dissect the frog with each turn of the page. A GREAT alternative to using real frogs in the classroom! Ages 8 and up.

Uncover a Shark Book/Model $18.95
         to Shopping Basket
Kids will be fascinated as they learn about the Great White Shark in detail with a visual model that unfolds before their eyes with each turn of the page! Ages 8 and up.

Uncover Human Body Book/Model $18.95
         to Shopping Basket
The complexities of the human body can be daunting, particularly for children. This book-model combination takes some of the mystery out of how the body works. Kids find it fascinating as they take apart the human body with the turn of each page. Ages 8 and up.

Uncover TRex Book/Model $18.95
         to Shopping Basket
Uncover the life of the T Rex dinosaur right before your eyes as the built-in model of this book builds as you turn the page! Ages 8 and up.

  Bluebird Rescue Joan Rattner Heilman $7.95
         to Shopping Basket
How to help bluebirds in the wild. Ages 10 and up.

Caterpillars, Bugs and Butterflies Mel Boring $7.95
         to Shopping Basket
An introduction to the world of insects, caterpillars, and butterflies including identification information, educational activities, and fun facts. Ages 8-12.

Dinosaur Life Activity Book Donald Silver $3.95
         to Shopping Basket
Puzzles and games teach children about dinosaurs. Ages 8 and up.

Monarch Magic! Lynn M. Rosenblatt $12.95
         to Shopping Basket
Over 40 butterfly activities in all. Ages 4-12.

Monarchs Kathryn Laskey $11.00
         to Shopping Basket
All about monarchs and their migration. Grades 4-6.

Pet Bugs $12.95
         to Shopping Basket
Kid's guide to catching and keeping touchable insects. Ages 9-12.

Peterson Field Guides for Young Naturalists: Caterpillars $5.95
         to Shopping Basket
A beginner's guide to caterpillars. Ages 8-12.

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