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Category: Bird Gardening Books

Gardening for birds

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Creating Small Habitats for Wildlife in Your Garden $17.95
         to Shopping Basket
Paper; 192 pages.

Attracting Birds and Butterflies: Taylor's Weekend Gardening Guides $13.95
         to Shopping Basket
Plant a backyard habitat to attract hummingbirds, butterflies and other winged wildlife.

Creating a Hummingbird Garden Marcus Schneck $9.95
         to Shopping Basket
Garden plans, planting guide and more.

Stokes Bird Feeder Book Donald & Lillian Stokes $12.95
         to Shopping Basket
learn how to attract more birds, become experts at identifying birds, and better understand bird behavior.

Stokes Bluebird Book Donald & Lillian Stokes $12.95
         to Shopping Basket
buying or building bulebird nest boxes, establishing bluebird trails, landscaping for bluebirds, and keeping predators and competitors away.

The Backyard Bird Watcher George H. Harrison $14.00
         to Shopping Basket
Provides a wealth of practical information and step-by-step, surefire ways to convert any backyard into a first-rate bird sanctuary.

The Backyard Bird-Lovers Guide Jan Mahnken $24.95
         to Shopping Basket
Everything you'd want to know about feeding, territory, courtship, nesting, and parenting characteristics of 135 species.

The Naturalist's Garden Ruth Shaw Ernst $16.95
         to Shopping Basket
Gardening, planting tips and information about the wildlife you can attract.

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