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Category: Butterfly Jewelry: Earrings

Butterfly Jewelry: Earrings

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Designer Butterfly Earrings $26.95
         to Shopping Basket
1 1/4" h x 7/8" w

Dangle Earrings Artist Barbara J. Bosco $65.00
         to Shopping Basket
Features "naturally expired" butterfly wing inserts. Measure 1/2" each.

Monarch Butterfly Post Earrings $10.95 (Temp. Out-of-Stock)
         to Shopping Basket
Beautiful sterling silver monarch butterfly earrings measuring 1/2" h X 5/8" w.

Sterling Post Earrings Artist Barbara J. Bosco $65.00
         to Shopping Basket
Sterling Oval post earrings feature "naturally expired" Blue Morpho Butterfly wing inserts. Measure 1/2" each.

Butterfly Post Earrings $9.95
         to Shopping Basket
Stainless steel post earrings.

Framed Butterfly Wire Earrings $19.95
         to Shopping Basket
Stainless steel wire earrings.

Sterling Morphos Post Earrings artist Barbara J. Bosco $75.00
         to Shopping Basket
Post 1-1/8 inch ovals

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